A team of higly skilled Cooling Tower specialists, commited to quality and

service striving to be your one stop shop for Cooling Tower solutions.

Cooling Miami’s Future

Cooling Tower Pros is your specialist in Commercial Cooling Services in the Miami Dade and Borward County areas. We have an extensive knowledge on all makes and models of Cooling Towers even with custom made designs.


Pro-active building maintenance to prolong the life span of systems

Service & Repair

Budget friendly service and repair solutions extending systems life span.

Cooling Tower Restoration

A complete restoration can add 25 years of useful life span.

Flow-Tech HVAC

Chemical Free cooling tower water treatment and de-scaling system.

Cooling Tower Pros

We service and maintain your Cooling Towers.

About Us

Cooling Tower Pros is a licensed and insured South Florida based Company with years of experience in maintenance, installation, restoration and repair of Cooling Towers; we are also experienced to solve all kinds engineering issues. We love challenges!
We have handled a wide range of endeavors from routine maintenance and repair to straightforward and critical designs accommodating each buildings specific needs.

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An alternative to replacements.

Complete Restoration

Regardless of the condition of the basin, sidewalls & distribution.

Life Expectancy

A rehabilitation will add at least another 25 years of useful life expectation.


We repair larger holes and damaged panels with geotextile or sheet metal.


We can rebuild any cooling tower or condenser regardless of its make, size or condition.

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Phone: 305 951 0113.

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