Cooling tower

An alternative to replacements.

Cooling Tower replacement is a costly proposition. High rise buildings on downtown settings can be especially expensive, permits for road closures can be difficult to get and fees for cranes and helicopter lifts can skyrocket a budget.

Polyurea lining systems have redifined the whole concept of cooling tower coatings. Polyurea is one of the most rugged industrial lining systems used today. Polyurea has about 2,000 psi tensile strenght and it gels fast so it can easily bridge holes.

We can do a complete cooling tower restoration regardless of the condition of the basin, sidewalls and distribution pan and it will be leak free for at lerast 25 years.

A complete cooling tower rehabilitation will add at least another 25 years of useful life expectancy.

We repair larger holes and damaged panels with geotextile or sheet metal. The sheet metal parts needed to repair cooling towers are custom made by a local mnufacturing shop.

We can rebuild any cooling tower or condenser regardless of its make, size or condition.

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