Why choose
Flow-Tech HVAC?

Flow-Tech HVAC

Water Savings

Flow-Tech HVAC saves water by increasing the cycles of concentration beyond the limits imposed by traditional chemical treatment. The reduced blowdown does not contain chemicals so it can be reused for other purposes, including irrigation.

Energy Savings

Scale and Biofilm increases energy consumption in heat transfer equipment by 8.5% or more. Flow-Tech HVAC causes scaling particles to adhere to each other instead of heat transfer equipment surfaces, thus reducing energy consumption.
Energy Savings.

Maintenance and equipment life

With systems working as the manufacturer intended, the amount of maintenance needed is reduced. Chiller tubes and heat exchangers remain cleaner longer. Downtime to fix fouled items is cut. With no new scale formation, pumps are able to run without the strain of reduced water volume or increased resistance. These working conditions lead to a longer lifespan of equipment and reduce the frequency of repairs.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Facilitates legibility for LEED accreditation, installing Flow-Tech HVAC will grant up to 4 LEED credits. It is environmentally friendly by eliminating chemicals and contributing toward water conservation and reuse.
Maintenance and equipment life
Liability Hazardous Materials

Liability Hazardous Materials

No need to store and secure toxic chemicals onsite, reduction of risk for employees and overall liability, elimination potential spills and dangerous chemical contact.

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